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Sitia is located in the south-eastern part of Europe and its population according to the 2001 demographics reaches approximately 9000 residents. This beautiful coastal town is situated 129klm from Heraklion and 64km from Aghios Nikolaos on the north-eastern part of Crete .

The earliest settlement of the town dates back to the Minoan times, something that is proved by dozens of findings and archaeological sites such as Zakros, Palekastro and Itanos in the area. During the Venetian era, the town was later expanded and fortified by the Venetians who used it as a base of operations for the Eastern Mediterranean. During the Venetian occupation, the town was destroyed three times: by an earthquake in 1508, by a pirate Barbarossa attack in 1538 and finally by the Venetians themselves in 1651 so as not to fall into the hands of the Turks. After the Venetians moved out of Crete, the town was abandoned for two centuries until it was resettled by farmers in 1869.

Today, the modern coastal town of Sitia offers its residents and guests a scenery of natural beauties combined with the calm atmosphere and the benefits of a slowly but steadily growing tourism industry. Take time to explore the nature of the region of Sitia as well as its world famous beaches such as the unique palmforest Vai in Europe with its clean waters and beautiful beach.

In this section, you will have the chance to read more about interesting places to visit as well as useful information related to the city's infrastructure, transport and heath facilities.

Sources: Official site of the Municipality of Sitia

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