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The beautiful village Vrahasi is surrounded by the imposing mountains of Selena and Stavros and is located 50klm from Heraklion. The village came into the spotlight a couple years ago after its residents struggled to become an independent community something that they achieved.

The village itself is a fine example of a Cretan mountainous village with many traditional houses. Although, its population had diminished the previous decades, today it experiences a steady increase of its population mainly because of expatriates restoring traditional Cretan cottages.

If you too want to have the chance to appreciate the serenity and natural beauties of the area, you should try the off road route - starting a few kilometers outside Vrahasi -that leads to one of Crete's most impressive woodlands. Also you should pay a visit to the monastery of Saint George Vrahasioti (translated Saint George from Vrahasi). The monastery is also devoted to Saint Dimitrios. It is a beautiful architectural construction and was built in the second Byzantine period. It was destroyed several times until it was rebuilt in 1860 and several restoration works have been done recently.

If you are up to some more adventure, then arm yourself with a good map and the appropriate gear for an outdoor adventure and head for the Azilakes Forest. The forest is named after a endemic oak species and is a characteristic example of what the island's flora used to be.

Finally, you should not miss the chance to visit the monastery of Saint George Selinaris located near Vrahasi (24thklm Heraklion- Aghios Nikolaos). It is customary for the Cretans to make a stop there to honor the Saint. The visitor will appreciate the magnificent view, the beautiful icons and the old church and have a taste of the religious customs of Orthodoxs.

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