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How to Start Choosing a School

For most families with school-age children who are about to move, one of the most pressing matters is the children's education. Parents usually are faced with concerns on the quality of a foreign country's educational system and at the same time their children's adaptation to a new schooling environment.

The best approach is to research your options and then make the best decision for your family. Some of the most common alternatives are usually the following:

  1. Taking the child to a local school that has a bilingual teaching environment. In this case extra lessons may also be required for the child to learn the second language. And there is always the chance that such bilingual schools may be privately owned.
  2. Introducing the child to a local school
  3. Arranging for your children to remain at home in their present schools, perhaps living with relatives or friends especially if your relocation is for a short period.
  4. Some parents also consider sending their children to boarding schools, either in your home country or at another location abroad.

Parents who are about to move in Crete should be informed that in Heraklion there is a School of European Education (SEE) running. The latter is devoted to European schooling. The setting up and operation of the School has a dual objective: to cater for the educational needs of the children of the ENISA staff (European Network and Information Security Agency), and to offer all pupils a European-oriented intercultural and multilingual education. For more information o the School or European Education visit its official site

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