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Moving - Packing Tips

Have you ever found yourself so thrilled that the stress of your DIY move is over, that you didn't care about few chipped dishes, the scratches on your dinner table and you favorite vase being broken to pieces. Although your personal belongings have suffered the least possible casualties, wouldn't you be happier if everything you owened came in one piece.

So if your goal is to have an ‘casualty'-free move to Crete then follow some of our tips, and at the end of your move you will be left with a smile.

Packing Materials

Start with buying the right packing materials. Your list should include the classic moving boxes that come in all sizes, lots of packing tape, and the lifesaving bubble wrap and packing peanuts. Try not to use boxes you get from your grocery store, for example, as they may not be as clean or sturdy. Apart from the pre-mentioned packing materials that you can find in any store, make sure you have at your reach packing materials that you can find in your house like old magazines, your pillows, even some pieces of clothing. They all can be used to fill gaps in your boxes and prevent damages. Now, that you have everything, its time to be smart!

Moving Packing Tips

  • Don't wait for the last minute to start packing. It would be safe to start packing at least three weeks prior to your move. This way you won't get as stressed and you will have control and be better organised.

  • Don't start collecting items from one room to another. This will take a lot of your energy and time. The best way to do this is to pack from one room, finish and then move to another.

  • For small items try using coloured wrapping paper so they are easily visible or just collect everything in one box and label it accordingly.

  • Always remember after finishing packing one box to label it. Include information on the contents of the boxes, room to go. Be as thorough as possible. So when you get to your new home you will immediately know which boxes to take for example to your kitchen and which to your bedroom as well as their contents.

  • A good tip would be to assign each room a colour and a same colour marker for its boxes. So for example red could be for your bedroom and blue could be for your bathroom.

  • When packing try to use magazines with glossy paper and not newspapers as the latter could soil your possessions.

  • Do not put very much weight to your boxes; otherwise they will be very heavy for you to carry around the house. If possible, put heavy items in small boxes to make them easier to carry.

  • Double-box fragile items and add plenty of cushioning.

  • Some common household items cannot be included in your shipment because they are hazardous materials. Examples of these materials include flammables

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