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Unpacking Tips

So everything should be over by now. You left your old house, made sure you didn't leave anything behind, packed everything the best way you could and you are now in your new home in Crete! Somehow, however, the thought of unpacking all these boxes that surround you does not feel as comforting as you expected. Now, you think it would be a good time to start panicking.

A good place to start is to realise that you can not do everything in one day or even a week. It has taken quite some time to pack, so the least it will take about the same time to unpack.

On the other hand, this could be a very good opportunity for some old-fashioned family bonding. So why not unpack with your kids. While they can be your little helpers, they will have the opportunity to feel more comfortable in their new home. At the same time it will spare you from all the "where is the..." questions in the future. If your children are older, they could be in charge of unpacking their own boxes in their new rooms and also help organise and decorate common rooms such as the living room.

But always remember: be as practical as you can. There is no reason for you starting to unpack your china, if your new kitchen is not equipped with the basic kitchenware or the bathroom is not ready to accommodate your family's needs.

  • Unpacking tips for the kitchen

So start with the kitchen. Unpack only those items, you know you will need and leave the rest in their boxes. You will have plenty of time to decide where to put them in the near future.

  • Unpacking tips for the bathroom

The next room must be the bathroom. Make sure that the plumbing works and that the room has all necessary toiletries in place. With the kitchen and bathroom in a working order, you can now move to the other rooms.

  • Unpacking tips for the living room

You are now in the living room. Try to make this a family activity. After all the living room is usually the place where all the family spends most of its time. So it only fair that everyone likes the final result. Gather everyone in the room, hand them a peace of paper and pencils and ask them to draw where they would put the furniture. After you all decide on the final outcome, start moving the furniture.

  • Unpacking tips for the Bedrooms

The best way of unpacking for the bedrooms is for everyone to do it by themselves. This way the children will ‘create' the room of their dreams and you will have plenty of time to supervise, assist and do your own bedroom in peace.

Remember: The general rule you must always remember is to unpack starting by the things you need most and then moving to the things you need the least. And don't forget to have fun!

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