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What to Take to your New Home

A move can have a negative as well as a positive side to it. One thing is for sure the whole moving process will take a lot of your time and energy. So why not use this whole process in a positive way as well!

Yes, you need to pack and unpack all the stuff, you and your family, managed to get through the years. Family relics, everyday items, items that are part of your memories. But how about all the stuff, you don't want? You know all the little things, you were cluttering until that day that you would finally get rid of them. Well guess what? This is that day. So take a critical look at what you have, and decide whether you really want to take it all with you. This may be the best opportunity you've ever had to clean house from top to bottom.

On the other hand, you do not want to strip away everything that you associate with home, or your new dwelling will not seem familiar and welcoming. As with any decision-making, the more information you have the easier it becomes. If you are making a pre-assignment trip, this is a good opportunity to do some research:

  • What is the climate like? It may not be a good idea to take anything especially valuable or irreplaceable which could be sensitive to changes in climate.
  • How big is your new home likely to be? Will your large furniture items and appliances fit?
  • What is the electrical standard? Will your existing appliances work?
  • Will you be able to purchase household and other items in your destination country? If not, is there anything you should purchase before you leave home and include in your shipment?
  • If you know the length of your assignment and have some expectation of whether you will return home or move on to a new country, this will also help you decide whether you can manage without some things for a while, or whether you should take them with you.

Remember, you want to make both the move and your life abroad as uncomplicated as possible. Try not to be overburdened by nonessential possessions, but keep in mind that you are creating a home away from home.

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