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The following information on taxes is introductory and general in nature. It is not intended to be inclusive and definitive. Tax laws and regulations are frequently amended, and therefore you are encouraged to contact a tax specialist to discuss your specific tax situation.

Your home country
Leaving your home country usually does not mean that you are beyond the reach of its tax authorities. Any income from investments or other sources that is realized in your home country usually remains subject to tax.

Your destination country - Greece
In some cases, your country of residence may have an agreement of exemption, or double-tax treaty, with your home country. This means that your home country credits your payment to your host country, so that the same income is not taxed twice.

Additional tax assistance for expatriates
Contact your respective government agency for information on what your tax responsibilities will be while living away from your home country. In addition to contacting your appropriate government department, the consulate of your destination country may be able to provide useful information.

Tax advice
What you should do is ask for tax counselling and assistance through accounting or consulting firms specializing in Greek tax matters.

What you should always keep in mind is that the staff of GIAKOUMAKIS Real Estate are always happy to assist. We have a wide network of accredited professional associates to recommend you that will help you in any way.

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